Interactive clinical cases: choose your journey
The programme of the CVBD webconference 2015 comprises 2 subsequent
parts: interactive clinical cases and a roundtable discussion
(total length 90 min)
13th May, 7 am Central European Time, 2 pm CET and 9 pm CET
The moderator will invite you to watch 3 stories where both the pet owner and the pet have health concerns or already suffering from a vector-borne disease
You will be invited to choose 1 clinical case out of 7 (3 human/4 animal cases)
Once inside the case you will engage with the case and then will be invited to choose 1 of 3 possible answers posed by either a physician or veterinarian. There will be 3 questions per case. Both correct and incorrect responses are a learning experience! Play and learn!
Once the first case is over, the moderator will invite you to choose a second clinical case and you will be well on your journey
After the 2 cases, you will be joining the Roundtable Discussion:
A One Health approach on Vector-Borne Diseases